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New Year, New World Title!

Hello all - bringing you best wishes for 2015! Hoping you charge ahead on those resolutions and get that thing done you've always wanted to do!

My thing I've always dreamed of doing, ever since I was 11 and started watching videos of DJ battles, was to become a scratch DJ & win the world DMC championship. The big one, in DJ circles - the turntable equivalent of the Olympic 100 metre sprint. And bizarrely enough, that last bit happened in October 2014, to my utter surprise. I won the title of DMC 2014 WORLD CHAMPION. Which also, by the way, makes me the current/reigning champ until the next world final in October 2015. So ha ;)

I came back to battling again this year for two reasons...

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So I'm a few days late posting the news here - mainly recovering from a great weekend of shenanigans (with the fantastic Swingamajig festival & a friend of mine taking the Red Bull UK B-Boy title) - but on Friday 3rd May I stepped back into my battling shoes and became the DMC UK Champion 2014!

You can check out the judges scores here, a selection of photos from the night here, plus a little interview for DMC world

After a ridiculously near-miss last year against Ritchie Ruftone, I am so happy to have taken the title that first got me into all this scratching malarky, and has given me a career.

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Concerto For Turntables 2!

Those of you who remember channel scrolling way back in late 2011 - to find my face appearing all over BBC2 - may recall my being the first DJ ever to appear on the BBC Proms, in its' 115-year history, alongside the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. That marked the culmination of a very successful working partnership with Gabriel Prokofiev - grandson of Sergei & composer of "Concerto For Turntables".


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