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So I'm a few days late posting the news here - mainly recovering from a great weekend of shenanigans (with the fantastic Swingamajig festival & a friend of mine taking the Red Bull UK B-Boy title) - but on Friday 3rd May I stepped back into my battling shoes and became the DMC UK Champion 2014!

You can check out the judges scores here, a selection of photos from the night here, plus a little interview for DMC world

After a ridiculously near-miss last year against Ritchie Ruftone, I am so happy to have taken the title that first got me into all this scratching malarky, and has given me a career.

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Concerto For Turntables 2!

Those of you who remember channel scrolling way back in late 2011 - to find my face appearing all over BBC2 - may recall my being the first DJ ever to appear on the BBC Proms, in its' 115-year history, alongside the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. That marked the culmination of a very successful working partnership with Gabriel Prokofiev - grandson of Sergei & composer of "Concerto For Turntables".


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New name - whole new ball game!

By the beginning of 2014, DJ Switch will be dead...

And a new man shall take his place - once who looks identical (to the extent of being exactly the same man) but who goes by an ever so slightly different name - and his name shall be MR SWITCH!

But, I hear you all ask (well, some of you...maybe...) what's the point? Why change your name now?


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