Mr Switch aka Anthony Culverwell is one of the most talented & successful DJs to come out of the UK – noted worldwide for his versatility, party rocking abilities & scratch skills.

Having made his name & reputation on the DJ battle circuit, Switch’s efforts led him to take the ultimate prize and become the reigning DMC WORLD CHAMPION in 2014, winning the longest standing DJ competition in the world. This is his 4th world title, following his back-to-back wins in the ‘Battle For World Supremacy’, 3 years in a row.

Under his previous guise of DJ Switch, Anthony performed as soloist in Gabriel Prokofiev’s “Concerto For Turntables” alongside the National Youth Orchestra in 2011, becoming the first DJ in history to perform on the BBC Proms, the UK’s largest classical music festival.

“Gliding between records with complete ease, scratching & manipulating beats & sounds with complete relaxation… like a Zen master, making something so complicated look so easy”Brum Notes
“The future Justin Bieber”Beardy Man
“Cor blimey, what does he put on his cornflakes?”Mrs Switch
“Mr Switch owes his reputation to his virtuosity, perfect party pitch and ability to create mash-up sets that can break every musical barrier.”Kristan Jarvi
“If I was alive now, he’d be my favourite DJ for sure!!”Ghandi
“The DJ’s DJ”The McMash Clan
“…turning those tables mad fast, crossing his hands and spinning round in between scratches. Smooth. Criminal.”Leftlion Magazine
“I wish I’d checked myself…”Guy who wrecked himself
“I happen to be mesmerised by Mr Switch every time I see him play‚Ķ at his cutting, twisting, inverting, teasing & virtuosic (in the traditional sense) best”The Cusp

His other previous credits include closing DJ sets at festivals such as Glastonbury & Bestival; guest mixes for Radio 1, 1Xtra, Kiss FM & BBC Asian Network, and features on TV shows such as BBC Breakfast & Blue Peter.

Mr Switch defines himself through his versatility – having performed across the world, he is able to take any challenge thrown at him. Whether he’s dropping a hip hop skills showcase, an electro swing throwback through time, or a multi-genre mash-up, he performs with the same energy, skill & sheer enjoyment of his craft.

4World Championships
17UK Championships
16Years in da game
50047Hours practicing

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