Electro Swing

Back in the mists of distant ‘old’ time – in 2009 – Mr Switch was asked to DJ at the Vaudeville Rave in Bristol. But this wasn’t to be any typical DJ set – he was asked to attempt an ‘electro swing’ set, a genre which takes classic jazz & swing, then fuses it with modern beats & bass, and creates something rather unusual & wonderful. And the rest, as they say, is history. (which, like all electro swing, then got sampled and made into ‘nowstory’)

Mr Switch has taken to electro swing with a ‘joie de vivre’ level of passion, and his unique take on the genre has seen him travel the world, as well as playing up & down the length of the UK. His career highlights within this genre include playing the closing set at Glastonbury Festival for two years running, recurring radio appearances on Radio 1, and a regular residency at The Jitterbug in Nottingham which he helped run

As well as live DJ sets & videos of his swing-based routines, Mr Switch has contributed cuts & scratches to several swing tracks. He has also dropped unique megamixes for electro swing compilation albums. With plenty more in the pipeline, the sounds of the past are the future!

Latest videos

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Collab Scratch #1 – Mr Switch & Jimi Needles

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Collab Scratch #2 – “Sax Party”

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